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Welcome to the RE department. 


RE at St Augustine' a core subject, meaning all students must study RE in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, from Years 7 through to 11.

Our Aims:

The school’s Mission Statement sets out what we as a community are attempting to achieve with the children in our care.  As RE teachers, we recognise that we have an important role in fulfilling this mission.

This is our statement of intent.

We believe that RE at St Augustine’s should…

  • Respect the individual, meet the students where they are and aspire to promote their whole development.

  • Create an environment where the Gospel is accessible to students and becomes relevant to their own experience of life.

  • Provide opportunities for students to reach their full potential.

  • Promote learning about and learning from religious traditions.

  • Provide educational experiential activities for students which may help develop their faith commitment.

  • Contribute substantially to the ethos of the school.

Key Stage 3: Years 7 & 8

Your child will already have learnt much about religion in the home and at primary school. Our aim is to build on this knowledge and understanding.

At Key stage 3, a unit of work is studied each term.  These are based around the People Of God programme as approved by the Liverpool Archdiocese and the Bishops of England and Wales.  The units allow the students to explore a dimension of religion in relation to their own experience of life.  For example, before Christmas, Year 7 will look at ‘Baptism’ as a sacrament of welcome and initiation.  This is approached through the child’s experience of belonging to a variety of communities.  The various units of work inter-link and build upon one another so that learning is reinforced and developed.

RE is a mandatory subject at St Augustine's throughout Years 7 to 11. Current year 11 students follow either the Edexcel GCSE  examination course units 2 and 8 or Edexcel short course, depending upon ability.

Key Stage 4: Years 9, 10 & 11

From 2016 KS4 pupils will follow the AQA Religious Studies syllabus B Catholic Christianity.  These courses cover various elements of Catholic Christianity – sacraments, moral issues, beliefs, practices, etc. and involve a close examination of Biblical texts.  We believe that by the age of sixteen, students should have a firm grasp and appreciation of what being a Catholic Christian involves in the world today.

If students decide to continue their education at Carmel College they will receive the chance to continue with Religious Education in a Christian context.

COURSE : GCSE Single Award

Two sections of the syllabus will be studied by pupils:

PAPER 1:  Component 1 - Catholic Christianity  

Students will be required to answer 4 questions  from the 6 topics studied:

  • Creation

  • Incarnation

  • The Triune God

  • Redemption

  • The Church and the Kingdom of God

  • Eschatology 


PAPER 2:  Component 2 - Judaism and Religious Themes

Students will be required to answer questions on each of the 4 topics studied.


  • Jewish Beliefs and Teachings

  • Jewish Practices

  • Religion, Relationships and Family

  • Religion, Peace and Conflict


Also a small number of pupils will do the short course (one exam only)

Section A: The study of religions: beliefs and teachings of two religions:

  • Christianity

  • Judaism


Section B: Thematic studies: religious, philosophical and ethical studies:

  • Theme A: Relationships and families

  • Theme B: Religion, peace and conflict