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Welcome to the PE department


We are a small, but thriving department with many years of teaching experience between us.  


The department consists of:


·         Mrs Radforth who is the department’s Subject Leader, teaches PE and HSC.

·         Mrs McDonnell who teaches PE

·         Mr Holdsworth, who is currently Head of Year 11.

·         Mr Mannion who is the school’s SENCO and teaches PE.


 The staff in the Physical Education department are passionate about developing a lifelong positive attitude towards physical activity, exercise and sport, for every student in the school.  We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that motivates and inspires all students to engage in a healthy active lifestyle within school and beyond.

At Key Stage 3 students have two x one hour PE lessons per week. During this time, students study 5 week blocks on each activity, giving them a taste of a wide range of sports. These sports include football, rugby, netball, hockey, volleyball, indoor athletics, badminton, fitness, outdoor athletics, rounders, cricket and gymnastics.

Alongside developing their sport specific skills and improving their fitness, pupils develop a range of life skills. Teamwork, problem solving, leadership and communication skills are encouraged throughout the pupils’ time in Physical Education. Students are given the opportunity to develop these skills through leading warm-ups, competing as part of a team and undertaking the role of a coach and official.


At Key Stage 4, students who do not opt for PE, still have a one hour lesson per week. The aim of these lessons is to encourage our students to continue to enjoy playing sport and encourage them to take up activities outside of school.  Activities include fitness and weight training,boxercise, badminton, table tennis, dodgeball, volleyball, netball and football.


Students who choose to opt for PE will study the Cambridge Nationals “Sports Studies” course. This is a course work based programme of study. Students will study “Developing Sports Skills”, “Working in the Sports Industry” and “Sports Leadership” which are worth 25% each and are course work based. The final unit is “Contemporary Issues in Sport” and is based upon a 1 hour exam, again worth 25%.




Our students regularly participate in festivals, tournaments and matches across St Helens. These include rugby, football, netball, basketball, indoor athletics, Quadkids and outdoor athletics. All students are welcome to attend after school clubs. See your PE teacher for details.



We are always looking out for our students who are successful in their chosen sport. Please contact the PE department with news of their successes.