Summer Activities

Have some fun in St Helens over the summer.  Click on the image for more information.

Year 7 Bushcraft Residential - May 2020

Family Ticket Winners Announced

Please read both write-ups from the Year 5 and Year 6 students who each won a set of 4 family tickets to go and see Oliver at the Theatre Royal as a prize from the English department, as part our Oliver Twist-themed Open Evening.  Well done to you and congratulations.


I won tickets to go and see Oliver at the Theatre Royal in St. Helens after the open evening at St. Augustine’s. I was very surprised and excited when I won the tickets. The show was brilliant! The singing, the dancing and all of the actors were really entertaining. My favourite part of the show was when they sang “I’d do anything”. The best character was the Artful Dodger because he was so cheeky! I had an amazing time, so thank you for a fantastic prize!

Noah C (St Marys Blackbrook)

How did I win?

I went to the Open Evening at St. Augustine’s which I really enjoyed. As I was coming to the end of looking at one of the English rooms, there was a lady sat at a table who asked me if I would like to win some tickets to see Oliver at the Theatre Royal. She asked my mum to write my name and school on a piece of paper and I was entered into raffle for a set of 4 family tickets. A couple of days later a teacher from St.Augustine’s came with some students to my school (Broad Oak Primary) to award me my prize.


What was Oliver about?

Oliver is about a boy who is an orphan. One day he asks for more food and gets sent away to a man who was a funeral director. One day, Oliver escapes and runs into a boy. The boy takes him to a man called Fagin who lives with lots of other young boys. He teaches the boys how to pickpocket. One day when Oliver goes out pickpocketing he gets caught trying to steal a man’s hankie. The man gets the police who send Oliver to court. The man who Oliver got the hankie off was actually his grandfather. His name was Mr Brownlow. They found this out because their daughter, who had unfortunately passed away, gave birth to a baby boy in the workhouse.


Did I enjoy it?

I absolutely loved Oliver, it was a great performance and I also loved the Open Evening.

Millie F (Broad Oak Primary)

Year 11 Geography Field Trip

On a cool and murky final day of September morning, the year 11 GCSE Geography class set off for Rivington, near Bolton, to complete their human geography fieldwork.  Whilst there and the sun now shining, the pupils collected data on traffic and pedestrian flows, asked the public questionnaires, surveyed the local environment and mapped different streets in the village.

The pupils worked efficiently and effectively in their small teams supporting each other, throughout all the tasks. The day was extremely pleasant and all groups received praise from members of the public after they interviewed them, for their politeness and professionalism. The stop off at McDonald’s on the way back to school, to replenish stamina was both well-deserved and highly appreciated.

Did you miss our Open Evening?

If you missed our Open Evening, which was very successful, and would like to collect a Prospectus, you can call into school and collect one between 9am and 4pm.

If you attended the Evening and would like some more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer your questions.

Sixth Form and College Open Evenings

Please click here to see when local sixth form and college open evenings are taking place this year for the upper school students 

Edulink One App

The company that provides our VLE, Overnet Data, has produced an app-based solution to support communication and allow the sharing of school data in a secure environment.


This is an excellent app which will allow parents/carers and students to access school information from their mobile device; much more convenient than logging on from a PC.  It will easily allow parents/carers and students to view attendance, timetables, homework (set within Moodle) and external exam information. In time we expect to share reports and other assessment information through the App.


The Edulink One App is linked to your Moodle username and password and can be downloaded from: (The app will need an initial "School ID" which in our case is: staugustine)

App Store Link
Google Play Link

Microsoft Schools Programme

St Augustine’s is pleased to announce that we are now part of the Microsoft Schools Programme.


Microsoft Schools are focused on leading and learning and are working to consider how to transform education and integrate technology into classrooms, buildings and lessons.


As a result, students and staff will benefit from access to online courses, learning and teaching resources, ideas for moving forward with ICT and computing, regular updates through newsletters and social communities and we will be placed on the Microsoft Showcase List.

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