Design Technology

Welcome to Design & Technology, which is a very popular subject here at St Augustine’s with GCSE students opting increasing year on year.  Staffed by very enthusiastic teachers and support staff, students regularly talk about how they enjoy the subject and skills they are developing.  The knowledge learnt by students is all made relevant to them through links to specific careers.  Technology opens many doors for today’s young people and St Augustine students have a lot of opportunities through this subject.


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Resistant Materials/Product Design

Throughout the 3 GCSE years, students develop their skills to levels which can be transferable in industry.  As per GCSE specification, students will complete an assessed design make project where they make their own product based on a given theme.  They have the freedom to make whatever they choose and bring this through the design process.  This is completed with some exam preparation throughout

Product Design

Students complete a range of products from materials including metal, plastic and wood in their 20 weeks in Product Design.  They will use a range of hand-held tools and CAD CAM.  This will help develop skills while learning about functions of materials and environmental considerations.