Curriculum Intent

Here at St Augustine of Canterbury, we are committed to providing a quality curriculum that enhances the life chances of all our pupils, based on 3 principles

•        Equality of opportunity

•        Breadth and depth

•        Ambition and aspiration

Our curriculum aims to engage, encourage, support and challenge all learners. We build upon the skills and knowledge from KS2 allowing pupils to deepen their understanding in a range of curriculum areas. Pupils access a broad range of subjects throughout their educational career at St Augustine of Canterbury based on the National Curriculum.

We are keen to provide our pupils with ample opportunities to build their cultural capital. We achieve this both within the curriculum and through a range of cross curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as improving their personal development to ensure that they experience the best that has been thought and said within each curriculum area. This will enable them to become well rounded citizens in modern Britain.  Our curriculum is designed to cater for all students and provide them with equality of opportunity (Equality Act 2010) ensuring no child is disadvantaged.


Current curriculum offer

Key Stage 3


We deliver a 3-year Key Stage 3 which is broad and balanced based on the National Curriculum. Leaders carefully plan a curriculum that is well sequenced to ensure that key knowledge and concepts are embedded.

We also have a Bridge curriculum that supports pupils with SEN and those who have not met KS2 standards and require catch up. This provision is in its early stages and will be monitored closely to guarantee impact.


Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, pupils study a wide range of subjects. English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Combined Science, R.E, P.E and PSHE make up the core offer. All students have the opportunity to achieve the Ebacc. As well as a very traditional offer, students can opt for both GCSE’s and some vocational qualifications. We currently run Asdan qualifications and level 1 qualifications which are carefully matched to the learners needs. We also make use of the Local Authority off-site provision to support those learners who would benefit from a more supported and skills-based curriculum. We are working with the LA providers to develop an in-house hybrid offer which combines GCSE provision and vocational studies.


Assessments are built into the curriculum and are planned to shape future learning.  Question level analysis identifies and addresses gaps in knowledge and understanding.

The quality of assessments and accuracy of judgements are addressed through moderation in subject areas as well as through the whole school quality assurance cycle. This involves triangulation of plans, pupil work and assessment data. We currently have three assessment points throughout the academic year for Years 7-11.


It is vital that our pupils have both breadth and depth across their educational career to ensure a smooth transition to their next steps in education, training and employment.