Chaplaincy at St Augustine's 

At the heart of chaplaincy is the first line of our mission statement  – St Augustine’s is a welcoming family. We believe that our school is a holy place because Christ is at the heart of everything that we do. We are a Catholic Christian community but one that welcomes and supports people of other faiths and no faith at all; chaplaincy is for everyone, students and staff alike.

We aim to serve all the members of our school community by offering encouragement, support and friendship. We help to create and nurture the Catholic Christian Ethos of our school through prayer, worship, spiritual reflection, a retreat programme, our parish links and the Faith in Action programme. 

We are also reminded of our duty to care for others as members of the Body of Christ in the world today. Charity work is a key feature of chaplaincy and our spiritual journey together. Students support and raise funds for a number of local, national and international organisations including: the St Helens Foodbank, CAFOD, Willowbrook Hospice, Nugent Care, SVP and through visits to our local care homes. Our students also organise and take ownership of fundraising events that help our partner schools in Peru and South Africa. The funds they raise feed and educate the poorest of children in our world.

Our Catholic Christian Ethos is not an easy thing to describe but it can be felt and seen throughout the school in our day to day relationships and interactions with each other. Experiences of happiness, sadness, joy, loss, and achievement are drawn together, given words, and reflected upon, in the light of the Gospel.