Art & Design

Art at St Augustine’s is an exciting, inclusive and inspiring subject.  Our aim is to provide all pupils with a rich and varied Art experience which both engages and challenges.

Pupils learn to work individually and collaboratively developing their technical, analytical and critical understanding in a stimulating environment where creativity, imagination and invention are nurtured and celebrated.

Key Stage 3

Taking our lead from the National Curriculum we guide students through the fundamental skills in a range of Art and Design disciplines, students learn how these apply to life beyond the classroom and open hearts and minds to the creative possibilities that these subjects can offer.  Our subject offers pupils a diverse range of transferable skills that we believe will support pupils in areas across the curriculum and the world of work.


An integral part of our curriculum across both key stages is for pupils to develop their knowledge and ability to critically explore and analyse artwork from different cultures and contexts, and use this information to inform and inspire their own creative journey of ideas and outcomes. 

Through trust and respect, passion and enthusiasm we aim to inspire resilient pupils to pursue their journey of discovery through to KS4 and beyond. 


Key Stage 4

Our broad and challenging Schemes of Learning in both Graphic Communication and Art and Design enable pupils to build upon technical and creative knowledge and skills. Pupils are encouraged to make their own informed choices regarding influences, choice of media and development of ideas. As they approach year 11 we aim for our pupils to take greater ownership of their creative journey in order to generate more personal, innovative and meaningful visual responses. Pupils are encouraged to be resilient and strive to do their best, constantly reviewing and refining their work throughout the creative process.